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AI Chatbot

Automate your business with AI Chatbots

Help your customers with AI Chatbot to provide personalized customer journeys, automated support, and tailored interactions powered by OpenAI. Integrated with the giosg platform, be ready to scale up your entire digital customer experience.

Solve up to 60% of customer requests

By utilizing your chat data and generative AI, your new era of automation starts today.

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personalized support

Give your customers personalized, in-context support with AI Chatbot powered by OpenAI

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AI Chatbot can recommend products and share valuable information to help customers make confident purchases

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customer experiences

Enhance your customer journeys with AI Chatbot's 24/7 guidance with seamless human handover

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Everything your customers hope from AI


Natural language conversations 


Actionable replies beyond text


Accurate and relevant answers


Seamless human handover


Data secure


Resolve up to


of all requests



Meet your AI Chatbot

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Personalized conversations

Let your AI Chatbot engage visitors with relevant, tailored language that fit to context and conversation flow powered by generative AI.

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Have your AI Chatbot find out what your customers are looking for and recommend relevant products.

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AI personas

Give your AI clear roles from product experts to customer service agents with unique instructions for personalized CX.

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knowledge bases

Train your AI with ease by uploading information from websites or use your chat-logs in a secure way to kick off.

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human handover

Handover the conversation to your human agents whenever needed for smooth customer experience.

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actionable replies

Go beyond text replies with images, interactive videos, embedded maps, brochures, files, forms, and more.

Tailored for your brand

Customize your AI Chatbot to fit your brand. Use your icons, colors, and avatars for on-brand experiences.

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game điện tửLiên kết đăng nhập

Secure way to get started with AI

We help you get started with AI in a secure and supported way. We follow the highest security standards and provide moderation tools, enabling you to fine-tune AI behavior for secure interactions. 


 Moderated AI

Dedicated success managers

GDPR compliance

✔ ISO/IEC 27001 security compliance

✔ AI services operated within the EU

Get started today!

 Simply book a demo and chat with our experts right away and we'll show you our AI in action 😊

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